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Meanwhile in Laboratory...
DGB was working when the door was opened 
and the shadow field his chambers.
-I come to you for aid, doctor.  
-Oi Boss whatz iz yoz problem ?
Ya lookz roight to me.
-Do you not see?! Games Workshop created me to be the most brutal and
powerful man in the Old World. They gave me an armor forged out of the
twisting powers of the warp, the horns on my head that denote blessings
bestowed upon me by the Four, a sword to reap the bodies and souls of my
foes, and in the other hand... I have... A POINTY STICK! They gave me a
wooden stick! Not a brutish axe, or a skull-crushing maul or any other
deadly weapon, but a STICK
-Da stikk dat GW mada for Ya is amazin' peace of point stikk ,full of
eyz hurtingz chaos runez. Ya can have good uz from it.
-It does not fit my image of terror. I am not a standard bearer.
 I am the leader of vast hordes of the servants of the dark gods!
 It makes me look silly! I order you to fix this!  
-Aze Ya sure dat Ya don't want to give Ya and stikka a chanze. Maybe Gw
release a mount for ya and everyfing will be lookz ok fen?
-Do not mock me, you piece of green snot! I do not want any mount or any
&$#@% spear. Give me an axe, and you shall be rewarded, do not, and you
shall feel my wrath
-Ok , ok juz stop cryiz. Dok will fixa Ya.
Special thanks for correction for Daigar.

Next episode ...Valkia The Bloody